Chalets de Chevan: at the entrance to protected wetlands

Chalets de Chevan: at the entrance to protected wetlands

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A forest hike where you can find out more about our mountain environments.
The Chevan mountain pasture is located on the border of a wetland conservation area: discover the "Earth's kidneys".

4 points of interest

  • Flora

    Invasive species

    Invasive species of plants are plants that migrated outside their natural habitat and they can cause major disruption to ecosystems by interfering with local species. They are one of the major causes of worldwide biodiversity decline, particularly due to their high ability to spread and invade environments (proliferation via seeds or roots). Japanese knotweed, butterfly bush, mugwort, etc. are invasive species that do not thrive in wetlands. The main invasive species in the wetlands is the Giant Goldenrod. Asters-CEN74 has been carrying out advisory work, maintenance and a management plan for the commune of Praz-sur-Arly and the SMBVA (Syndicat mixte du bassin versant de l'Arly) since 2016.
  • Flora

    Off the beaten track...

    Constant traffic puts pressure on the natural environment and has an irreversible impact on it. The vegetation on these footpaths does not grow back; the soil is extremely compact and there is very little plant life. The existence of these paths causes soil erosion: without vegetation, water runs off and stagnates. By walking off the trails or by cutting corners, new paths are created, amplifying these low-vegetation areas. Our “playground” serves as a habitat for many species of plants and animals, so let's all share this beautiful natural environment in a sensible way, so that everyone can enjoy it. "Everyone takes the same trail, everyone follows the same path, spread the word to your neighbour".
  • Lake

    What are wetlands exactly?

    A wetland is an area in which water is present in significant quantities and for a prolonged period of time over a large part of the year, on the surface and/or in the first few inches of the soil. Waterlogging can be temporary: be careful, just because you can't see any water doesn't mean it's not a wetland! - Different types of wetland: marshes, ponds, peat bogs, pastures, forests, alluvial environments, reed beds, etc. - Wetlands can be identified by their vegetation and/or soil - Wetlands are threatened by the increase in agricultural activities, inappropriate water management, urban development and transport infrastructure.
  • Small patrimony

    Wetlands: "The Earth's kidneys"

    Wetlands perform a number of functions, depending on their type and location:- they act as a sponge (storing, releasing and spreading water), limiting the intensity of flooding and run-off;- they filter and purify transiting water;- they act as a natural regulator: wetlands ensure good quality and quantity of water resources and limit natural and health risks;- they are a vital ecosystem for many species that depend on their existence. Wetlands are threatened environments: more than two-thirds of the surface area of wetlands in France disappeared in the 20th century, with 50% between 1960 and 1990.


  1. From Praz-sur-arly, take the left-hand signposted path on the route des Varins just before the turn (and the house) to reach the hamlet. You will cross a field leading to a forest and a stream.
  2. Head uphill towards the Grand Essert parking, then follow a forest road towards Les Frassies.
  3. Stay on the main trail on your right.
  4. Keep to the left as far as Les Frassies.
  5. Turn left towards the Chevan Chalets.
Use the same road to descend. 
A loop trail option is available: pass underneath the Crêt du Midi ski lift
  • Departure : Varins parking area, Praz-sur-arly
  • Arrival : Varins parking area, Praz-sur-arly
  • Towns crossed : Praz-sur-Arly

Altimetric profile


You can go up via the Crêt du Midi ski lift. For more information : : Always be careful and plan ahead when hiking. Asters, CEN 74 can not be held responsible for the occurrence of any accident or incident on this trail.


Line Sallanches - Praz sur Arly (SNCF train station) : Adult Rates: One way = 3,50 euro; Return = 7 euro; Child Rates: One way = 1.75 euro; Return = 3.50 euro; Luggage in the baggage compartment : 2.00 euro per item (suitcase, backpack, trunk, skis, etc.). Megève - Praz sur Arly: Adult rates: One way = 1.50 euro; Return = 3 euro; Child rates: One way = 0,75 euro ; Return = 1,50 euro ; Luggage in the baggage compartment: 2.00 euros per item (suitcase, backpack, trunk, skis, etc.) Timetables :

Access and parking

Departure point: Les varins 74120 Praz-sur-Arly. If you are coming from Sallanches, drive through Megève. As you enter Praz-sur-Arly, turn left towards Les Varins.

Parking :

Varins parking area, 74120 Praz-sur-Arly

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