Going to Col de voza and Bellevue via le Crozat : Saint-Gervais snowshoeing

Going to Col de voza and Bellevue via le Crozat : Saint-Gervais snowshoeing

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An easy, breathtaking winter hike with panoramic views of Mont Blanc.
Up above the forest, a Nordic-vibe plateau stretches out with Mont Blanc towering over it. This is an easy walk that will take you straight up to the mythical peaks and needles. On your snowshoes!


  • Col-de-voza-et-Bellevue-par-le-Crozat-Raquette-Saint-Gervais

    Credit: Points d'intérêts du parcours - Asters-CEN74


4 points of interest

  • Fauna

    White mountain hare

    White in winter, brown in summer, it is the king of camouflage. Unseen, uncaught by predators, with an extremely austere lifestyle, it survives the harsh conditions of high altitudes. And that's not surprising, as it was already thriving during the Ice Age! But with global warming, its brown cousin from the plains, the European Hare, is beginning to venture into their white cousin's warmer territory. Competition for space and food ensued. White mountain hare females even started to interbreed with European brown hare males. Will the mountain hares be able to survive as a species?
  • Fauna

    Following the tracks of the Black Grouse

    How can you tell where the black grouse spends the winter? Their droppings speak for themselves! When they take refuge in their igloos, or holes they make in the snow to shelter themselves, they leave droppings at the bottom. In spring, the melting snow reveals little piles of droppings known as "crottiers". Each pile is a clue to the presence of a black grouse.
  • An empty Bellevue hotel…

    A trailblazer in high-altitude accommodation since the early 19th century, it closed in 1980. At the end of the 90s, it was decided to rebuild the hotel, located on the Mont-Blanc massif. 10 years and 3 projects later, planning permission has finally been obtained! The hotel's goal is to be the first "passive" hotel in France: very low energy consumption, thanks in particular to the use of solar energy. The hotel was due to open in 2010! But because the building permit was not complied with, this new-generation hotel was never able to open...
  • Flora

    The Mont Lachat: a renatured area

    Mont Lachat is a Sensitive Natural Area (ENS). This is an area recognised for its natural heritage, but which is threatened and/or vulnerable due to urbanisation or the proliferation of industrial activities. The Mont Lachat ENS has been the site of daring efforts to rehabilitate and renaturate the site. After dismantling an old wind tunnel, the soil was reseeded with a mixture of local seeds. A total of 5,000 square metres was restored by September 2015. For a site located at an altitude of 2,000 metres, at the foot of a glacier and exposed to the wind, this was truly an unprecedented scientific experiment.


From the Crozat car park in the village of Bionnassay, take the marked snowshoe trail to the Col de Voza via the Fioux. On your right, you'll see the Bionnassay glacier and its 4052 m-high peak. To the left of the glacier, you'll see the Goûter dome, foreshadowing the Mont Blanc massif. As soon as you turn around, you will immediately see Mont Vorassay, and Mont Joly a bit further away.. At the Col de Voza, the snowshoe trail continues on to the right towards Bellevue. The Mont-Blanc tramway tracks are on your left. In front of you, the Fiz massif and the Chamonix valley together form a terrific panoramic view. After the Bellevue hotel, continue straight downhill to reach the Bellevue train station. You can finish the hike by turning left towards the Chalette restaurant, where the Les Houches - Bellevue cable car station is located. Return by the same way.
  • Departure : Crozat parking area, hameau Bionnassay, Saint-Gervais
  • Arrival : Bellevue, la Chalette
  • Towns crossed : Saint-Gervais-les-Bains

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Access subject to weather conditions. Access during high-risk periods is also prohibited. Check with the Tourist Office in advance for current access conditions! Always be careful and plan ahead when hiking. Asters, CEN 74 can not be held responsible for the occurrence of any accident or incident on this itinerary.


Public transport from the Col de Voza: Mont Blanc Tramway. You'll be accompanied by a guide for the entire journey.https://www.lescontamines.com/hiver/pratique/acces-et-se-deplacer/navettes

Access and parking

Bionnassay Le Crozat parking area (+ 45 min walk) : After passing Saint-Gervais, take the road D902 towards Contamines-Montjoie, then turn left onto “route de Bionnay”. Take another immediate left towards Bionnassay (it is a dangerous junction, do not risk it if there has been recent snowfall). An easier option is to take the Tramway du Mont-Blanc: Le Fayet - Col de Voza ( tourist rack railway). This journey will take you from an altitude of 584 up to 1,650 metres in 50 minutes.

Parking :

Bionnassay le Crozat parking area, Saint-Gervais

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