Walk at Armancette's lake
Summer hike
Walk at Armancette's lake
Les Contamines-Montjoie

Walk at Armancette's lake

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A small lake nestled in the woodlands beneath Dômes de Miage awaits you!
A beautiful hike, mostly in the forest and without specific difficulties, crowned with a spectacular arrival, an unobstructed panorama since the Lac Armancette lake over the mountains of Dômes de Miage or Mont Joly.

2 points of interest

The Grass Frog

It's the “most of everything” frog…

It is the most terrestrial frog, that is to say that it may only return to water to overwinter or during the breeding season.
It is also the frog living at the highest altitudes: it lives up to 3000 m of altitude. It is even said to be able to dive under the ice!
But it is also one of the most widespread in Europe, living in different types of habitats, from parks and gardens or plain ponds to the highest mountain streams and lakes!
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The Alpine Newt

The Alpine Newt is an amphibian that does not fear low temperatures! It is able to live in alpine lakes at an altitude of 2500 m or more. To survive at these altitudes, it developed the ability to adapt to extreme temperatures; the Alpine Newt manages this by spreading its reproduction cycle over two years or even by reproducing during its larval stage: this phenomenon is called "neoteny". It is a protected species, sensitive to the presence of large fish. The stocking practices for fishing activities in high altitude lakes threaten the survival of these amphibians in these environments.
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From the parking, floow the forest track until the intersection.
  1. At the intersection, take the flat forest track to the right in the direction of "Lac d'Armancette".
  2. Turn left on the forest track which goes up.
  3. Continue straight ahead in the direction of "Lac d'Armancette".
  4. Continue straight ahead in the direction of "Lac d'Armancette".
  5. Take the track on the left to "Lac d'Armancette".
  6. Arrival at the lake Lacd’ Armancette. The return is by the same route.
Departure : Parking « la Frasse », Les Contamines-Montjoie
Arrival : Parking la Frasse, les Contamines-Montjoie
Towns crossed : Les Contamines-Montjoie

Altimetric profile

Sensitive areas

Along your trek, you will go through sensitive areas related to the presence of a specific species or environment. In these areas, an appropriate behaviour allows to contribute to their preservation. For detailed information, specific forms are accessible for each area.
Impacted practices:
Aerial, , Land, Vertical
Asters - Conservatoire d'espaces naturels de Haute-Savoie


Always be careful and plan ahead when hiking. Asters, CEN 74 can not be held responsible for the occurrence of an accident or any inconvenience on this itinerary.

Information desks




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18 Route de Notre Dame de la Gorge, 74170 Les Contamines-Montjoie




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Access and parking

Go to the village of Contamines-Montjoie.
In the center of the village, take the road on the left which leads to the hamlet of La Frasse.
Continue to the end of the road and park at the parking lot of the same name.

Parking :

Parking la Frasse

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