Going to Le Haut Fleury from Roche-Pallud, Sommand

Going to Le Haut Fleury from Roche-Pallud, Sommand

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A pretty peak, a little less popular than its neighbour, the famous Pic de Marcelly.
The Gruvaz car park has very little space. We advise you to take the bus from Saint-Gervais centre.


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    Credit: Points d'intérêts du parcours - Asters-CEN74


4 points of interest

  • What are fishing floats doing on ski lift cables?

    The birds are always at risk of hitting overhead cables and other obstacles, no matter what they do; whether they’re migrating, fleeing a predator, searching for prey or simply flying around and enjoying the soaring heights. To reduce the risk of mountain birds colliding with overhead cables, it is essential to make them more visible. As part of the Birdski project, Asters-CEN74 and other partners are proposing several visual aids (such as luminescent fishing floats) that can be adapted to each type of equipment. The project is helping to ensure that the presence of mountain birds in ski areas is fully taken into account, in order to limit the deaths of these species (black grouse, bearded vulture, etc.) and improve human and animal cohabitation.
  • Fauna

    Preservation of the Bearded Vulture

    The Bearded Vulture had completely disappeared from the Alps by the beginning of the 20th century. Today, this species remains one of the most endangered in Europe. Asters-CEN74 has been involved in the Bearded Vulture reintroduction and conservation program in the Alps since the late 90's, with the objective of reducing the threats facing the species: - collision with overhead cables, - poisoning by contaminants and pollutants, - disturbance of reproduction by human activities (overflights, outdoor activities, photography, etc.).
  • Geology

    The Sommand peat bog

    By definition, a peat bog is a wetland where the specific ecological conditions have allowed the slow formation of peat soil (only 5 to 10 cm of soil accumulation per century). Like sponges, peat bogs absorb carbon and filter and purify the water that passes through them. The Sommand peat bog is one of the richest in the region, harbouring a wealth of biodiversity in terms of both flora and fauna. One of the peat bog's special features is the acidic nature of its environment, despite the chalkiness of surrounding limestone rocks.
  • Fauna

    Western Jackdaw or Alpine Chough? Birds of the mountains

    Western Jackdaws and Alpine Choughs, despite their apparent similarity as both are black birds of the same corvid family, do have a few differences. The Alpine Chough, a resident mountain bird, is known for its aerobatics and group flying displays. In contrast, the Western Jackdaw, with its black beak, is a city-dwelling bird that nests in cavities and buildings. Mountain folk continue to confuse Western Jackdaws with Alpine Choughs. The latter might be confused with the red-billed chough, as they look similar during flight.


The parking area is situated just before the hamlet of La Roche-Pallud d'en Haut on the Mieussy heights in Haute-Savoie. Pass the hamlet and use the pasture gate to cross the Pertuiset mountain pasture. At the Pertuiset chalet, turn left towards la Pointe de Perret, then turn right behind the shepherd's cabin (local beer sold here). Go straight ahead along the ridges to the Pointe de Perret and then to Haut-Fleury. Return by the same way. There is also a longer itinerary starting from the Ima forest and the country road of Pertuiset (a road suitable for motor vehicles often used by paragliders).
  • Departure : Roche-Pallud
  • Arrival : Roche-Pallud
  • Towns crossed : Mieussy and Taninges

Altimetric profile


Always be careful and plan ahead when hiking. Asters, CEN 74 can not be held responsible for the occurrence of any accident or incident on this trail.


Eco shuttle – Line 3 (Eco Navette Ligne 3)

Access and parking

Parking :

Roche-Pallud d'en Haut

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